About Us

About UsVine Tree Solutions Ltd (VTS) was developed when three colleagues identified a need for UK companies to begin looking for international business in an ever more global marketplace.

Companies have resisted the need to look for international business, for many years resting on orders from within the UK, however as communication, travel and the internet have made it easier than ever for customers to find a cheaper deal from suppliers outside of the UK any company that does not look to exploit the global market will soon be without the orders required to continue trading. VTS are able to offer services to individual organisations but also to the umbrella organisations who are responsible for driving trade to the UK through the many tradeshows and exhibitions which they organise.

We have a wide network of contacts around the world, relationships developed over the last ten years. Working with International Governments, Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce, trade publications, British Embassies overseas and a network of individuals we are able to promote the UK as a place to come to do business.

We also use our extensive experience of bringing in trade delegations to improve the experience of international visitors, maximising the efficiency of their trip, ensuring they see everything that is of relevance and offering them a point of contact when they have business enquiries in the future. We also expose UK companies to international opportunities, identifying possible partners and arranging meetings with organisations able to offer assistance in chosen markets.

Our knowledge in this field allows us to tailor a package which is right for you and your organisation, for more information or to discuss how we can help you please contact one of the team.


The Team

Paula Twinn
Paula Twinn
Tel: 07973 926520

Ben Salisbury
Ben Salisbury
Tel: 07795 388036

Georgina Varney
Georgina Varney
Tel: 07833 991022