VTS believe in partnership and view working with our suppliers and clients, more of a case of extending our network of close colleagues than just a formal commercial relationship. This means we do not work with everyone who comes our way but it does mean that in becoming a service provider or client you also join our network of people who think and work the way we do

Dent Associates -

Dent Associates provide a comprehensive package of advice and support, tailored technical and scientific information briefs as well as appropriate scientific and SME business oriented presentations...


Dent Associates Logo

Fresh Montgomery -

As award-winning Exhibition Organisers, Fresh Montgomery prides itself in delivering unparalleled business opportunities for the food and hospitality industry...


Fresh Montgomery

Haymarket -

Haymarket has its heart and soul in publishing and media.

Since we founded the company half a century ago, Haymarket has always prided itself on being a highly creative business, with an unrelenting focus on the quality of our products and our people.



FRD Centre -

The FRD Centre is a boutique consulting firm providing tailor-made market entry consulting services to British companies interested to enter the Eastern European markets...



FRD Centre

Trade Anglia -

Trade Anglia (Kft./Ltd.) is a privately owned consultancy. Our mission is to provide local guidance for companies seeking to expand into Central Eastern European markets..


Trade Anglia

FFC Agrocontinental -

The Foreign Farmers Club in Russia AGROCONTINENTAL works to serve the interests of foreign farmers working in Russia...



Oriens Consulting -

Providing high quality, professional services to private companies, businesses organisations and governments to support them in their efforts to enter and develop trade and investment relations in the GCC markets...