Exhibition organiser services

Vine Tree Solutions work with UK and international companies to maximise their exposure to export opportunites. We work with new to export and experienced exporters looking to open up new markets. We can tailor a package of support to suit your needs

  • Targeted international promotion of your event
  • Specialist registration of yourinternational guests
  • Promotion of your international visitors to your exhibitors
  • Arranging 1:1 meetings for your exhibitors
  • VIP Packages for your international guests
  • Steward services to show international guests around your exhibition
  • Managing your international lounge
  • Identification of funding for bringing in international guests
  • Invitation letters for Visa applications
  • International receptions/Dinners

Benefits for Exhibiton organisers

  • Encourage exhibitors to return each year with additional commercial benefit from taking stand space at the event. Any annual increases in stand costs will be justified and in the current economic climate companies are looking for the best possible value for money.
  • The activity brings additional publicity for the event and the organisers, in the UK and worldwide.
  • Increases the reputation of the organisers and the event.
  • Establishes the event as a truly international show – fully able to compete with others around the world.
  • Encourages future growth of the event, leading to an increased number of international exhibitors as well as visitors.

Benefits to Exhibitors

  • Promotion of their company, products and services, internationally – maximising international business potential.
  • Access to a wide range of international buyers and potential business partners.
  • The opportunity to plan their time at the exhibition by pre-arranging meetings with international visitors.
  • Access to VTS support in preparing for their meetings and increasing the chance of new business as a result.

Benefits to Visitors

  • Visitors will have a greater amount of information available to them prior to the event, helping to justify the cost of a trip to the UK.
  • They can arrange meetings before their visit giving them more chance of meeting their next business partners.
  • Time will be saved through the support VTS can provide, both before and during the event.
  • They can get a full overview of the UK industry by accessing technical tours and free expert advice.
  • Access to support at the show and an area for meetings and relaxing between meetings.